is anyone else still mad that the writers pulled the “once an original dies the whole line dies with them” and then made klaus the sire of the entire mystic falls vamps… just so klaus couldn’t die


i’m still so mad

he was supposed to die in season 2 but no

we needed 2 more seasons and a whole other show for this thousand year old man child to throw temper tantrums




Anonymous MESSAGED:
Um, non-black people can use the word nigga if they want. It's not the same as "nigger" AT ALL. We black people don't even use "nigger". Ever. "Nigga" is has become just a slang word for friend or homie or whatever. In the real world (i.e. not Tumblr), very few black people get offended at the word nigga. If anything they're offended because it's a curse word, not because it's "racist". Because it's not.

Oops, didn’t see this trash in my inbox til now.
First of all, my post didn’t even say anything about black people using the n word (either version) because I’m only policing WHITE people.
Second, I know the difference between the two versions of the n word. I just don’t care to differentiate when WHITE people use it.
P.S. it’s a curse word in the mouths of WHITE people BECAUSE it’s racist. Lol. Bye.